Proposal to Serve as Mutant Marketing Advisor

What is it?

Nomination of @jer979 to serve in the role of Strategic Marketing Advisor to Mutant Marketing for an initial six-month period.


  • Weekly review of OKR progress with BraveNewDeFi

  • Assist in launch and implementation of Community Ambassador Program

  • Assist in launch and implementation of “Get Out of Your Shell” Campaign

  • Connect with Core Team and on community calls (e.g. standups, product launches)

  • Collaborate with the Hub Lead and Mutant Marketing team to draft updates and provide support for strategy implementation and resource allocation

  • Review and recommend revisions for Nexus writers’ external marketing content

  • Work with Community Ambassadors to execute Embassy strategy and measure impact on membership rates and cover sales.


Over the past two months, BraveNewDeFi and I (@jer979) have been meeting every week to build a marketing plan designed to accelerate Nexus membership growth and deliver exceptional ROI to mutual members. The output of those calls has been posted here, here, and here on the community forum.

I have been an NXM holder since the summer of 2019, have contributed to the community forum, joined community calls, written numerous blog posts on/mentioning NXM, am responsible for acquiring 5 members, and set up a conference call between Hugh and one of the world’s leading insurance industry analysts.

I often refer to NXM as “my favorite crypto project” and “the most elegant example of cryptoeconomics I have ever seen.” As @aleks can attest, I am passionate about NXM at a very deep level. I also believe that @lasse can provide an attestation as to my commitment to crypto.

As you can see on my LinkedIn profile, I have an extensive background in both marketing and crypto. In addition to having led the marketing function of a SaaS company from Series A to Unicorn level, I am currently the CMO of the leading provider of OKR software to large enterprises around the world (

In addition, I have worked with some of the leading crypto projects in the world including Zcash, Dapper Labs, Open Bazaar, Radix, Arweave, SingularityNet, Magic (Fortmatic), Ark, and DAOstack. I am the author of over 50 articles on Venture Beat, nearly 800 blog posts on crypto, 3 books on the intersection of blockchains and marketing, and have given keynotes on decentralization/crypto in 10 countries. I am also the marketing faculty advisor for the Blockchain Research Institute.

As Hub Advisor, I will use my experience and network to drive the mutual forward. In this role, I will work with BraveNewDeFi and the Mutant Marketing team to develop, implement, and execute a decentralized marketing strategy that can accelerate growth.


Valuing the contribution of an advisor is notoriously difficult because the impact of someone with 25 years of marketing experience, particularly in senior roles, cannot be measured in time. Certainly, some amount of committed time is necessary, and I will continue to participate in the weekly marketing stand-ups that BraveNewDeFi and I have had over the past two months.

In addition, I intend to participate in community calls and Ambassador calls as time permits as well as provide the ongoing, asynchronous feedback which I have done for the past two months.

As a member of the mutual, the last thing I want is for people to feel like the value of my contribution does not exceed (by a significant margin) the compensation I am receiving for the role.

Because we are in our initial six-month rollout, I have applied a discount to what I consider to be fair given the time, value, and experience I will continue to bring to the role.

As such, my proposal to the mutual is a monthly advisory fee of 38.54167 NXM, which comes to a six-month total of 231.25 NXM.

Review Period
This proposal is open to review for the next seven (7) days.

I welcome a community discussion around the Mutant Marketing Advisor proposal.

At the end of the seven (7) day period, this proposal will proceed to Snapshot vote.


As @jer979 and I have worked together over the last two months, I have gained tremendous value from his experience and insights. He is a long-time member, and he play a key role in shaping the marketing strategy through the development process.
There is no one better to serve as Mutant Marketing Advisor: Jeremy is a marketing genius.

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Not sure about “genius,” but I certainly appreciate the vote of confidence, sir. Thank you.

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@jer979 has been a long time Nexus Mutual member and supporter. He’s always been willing to share his valuable marketing insights and the time is right to take this to a more formal level. Full support from me.


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