Newsletter - 31st December 2021

Operation Wartortle

Nexus Mutants are reviewing and discussing the Operation Wartortle update on the Nexus Forum.

Operation Wartortle Next Steps: Draft Execution Proposal is available for all members to review. There is an open review period to give members time to discuss, review, and comment on the proposed way forward outlined in this forum post.

After the new year, the core team will host townhall and AMA-style events to discuss the proposal and answer any questions Nexus Mutants might have about the forum post.

The documents included in the forum post are still in draft form and should not be intended as final. The mutual would greatly benefit from detailed commentary, questions and input from the community. The Nexus Foundation has deliberately shared versions that, while they’ve undergone several review phases with legal and tax professionals already, they would certainly benefit from community input.

This serves are a major step forward for the mutual, and we look forward to members’ review and comment on the next step in the transition to statelessness.

Cover Buys (20–31 December 2021)

This period we’ve seen substantial renewals of previous covers, including the $40m+ Sushi Swap cover buy. It’s great to see our cover buys growing on Abracadabra and OlympusDAO, both of which were listed recently.

Increasingly we’re seeing our customers look for higher yield opportunities with these newer style protocols. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to stable demand for ‘blue chip’ DeFi protocols like Curve, Compound and Aave.

Happy New Year!


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