Nexus Mutual to be governance protocol on DDDX Platform - Improve NM liquidity, exposure & governance

DDDX protocol natively supports swaps between closely correlated assets via a new curve achieving a stable swap close to 0 slippage and a 0.01% fee. DDDX protocol supports veNFT governance and ve(3,3) tokenomics.

Maximum TVL:heavy_dollar_sign: 420,000,000
Partners on BNB Chain: Autofarm, Beefy, dForce, Moonpot, RabbitFinance etc.
Audited by: CERTIK ( - CertiK Security Leaderboard)

Currently deployed on BNB Chain, DDDX. io plans to deploy & launch on Ethereum soon!

DDDX. io hopes to invite Ethereum ecological partner Nexus Mutual to participate in the launch plan and the protocol governance.

DDDX. io Launch Plan on Ethereum

The total initial supply is 10,000,000 DDDX(100%). Of which 3,000,000 DDDX (30%) will be minted on the launch of project ; 2,900,000 DDDX (29%) will be automatically locked as veNFT for distribution; 100,000 DDDX(1%)will be used as initial liquidity.

A total of 1,000,000 DDDX (10%) will be airdropped to ecological partners on Ethereum, including stablecoin protocols, yield-like protocols, etc. Each project will receive a 100,000 DDDX (1%) DDDX airdrop (In the form of veNFT).

Ecological partners who have received the veNFT can create their own trading pair and vote for themselves, in the consequence the trading pair will get DDDX token emissions rewards, which will be used to incentivize the liquidity providers.

We provide to Nexus Mutual :

  1. The 1/29 initial voting power (100,000 DDDX emission in form of veNFTs)

  2. You can create NXM/USDT trading pair on the DDDX. io

  3. You can use the voting power to vote for NXM/USDT.

  4. NXM/USDT liquidity pool will get DDDX token emissions. Incentivized by this more users would add liquidity to NXM/USDT.

  5. Nexus Mutual will get the exchange fees generated by NXM/USDT (Exchange fees are 100% shared by trading pair voters, and abivously Nexus Mutual Team is the biggest voter)

Nexus Mutual need to:

  1. Build the cooperation relationship with DDDX. io

  2. Encourage users to trade on DDDX platform & provide liquidity to NXM/USDT pool.

What benefits Nexus Mutual can get from this cooperation are obvious:

  • Increase liquidity
  • Increase exposure and users
  • More stable price of token

For more cooperation possibilities, we welcome everyone to participate in the discussion!

By reaching the above cooperation, Nexus Mutual will receive new DDDX token liquidity mining rewards, generating more incentives for the community.

Thank you all, looking forward to your support and advice!

To know more: About DDDX -

DDDX. io Team

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Sounds interesting, hope to know more details about it.

Why is this here? Rather see discussion of moving NXM & wNXM liquidity pools to Bancor v3

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