[NMDP #4] Grant to help scale Layer 2 cover purchases via OpenCover

Status: Open for Voting
Comment period: April 20–27
Planned voting period: April 30 – May 5
DAO Snapshot Vote: NMDP #4: Grant to help scale Layer 2 cover purchases via OpenCover
Author: Jeremiah @ OpenCover

Dear Nexus Community,

Following [RFC] Grant to help scale Layer 2 cover purchases via OpenCover posted on April 4, I am requesting approval for a grant of 230 NXM that will be used to help scale and continue to grow Nexus cover sales on L2.

OpenCover has been distributing Nexus Mutual products on Layer 2 since September 2023 to help drive onchain cover adoption. So far we have been focused on building, making 30+ Nexus products purchasable directly from Base, Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon with more chains and products coming soon. Our goal is to make virtually all retail-facing Nexus products available on L2 (this should happen this month), list new products shortly/immediately after they are listed on Nexus (from May) and support 10+ EVM-compatible chains by the end of summer.

To date, we’ve sold over 500 covers on L2 totaling $4,158,304 in protection which generated $27,799 in premiums for the mutual with a net increase in sales in the last 3 months. Our model is based on socializing gas costs across users by bundling purchases on L2 into a single aggregate cover on L1 and purchasing L1 cover at off-peak times to further minimize L1 gas costs.

The model is sustainable at scale but with L1 gas prices significantly increasing in the last couple of months, we would like to ask for a one-off grant to help us scale and continue to grow Nexus cover sales on L2.

Impact areas
Increased cover purchases, adoption catalyst: Nexus products accessible on Layer 2 at no cost to the mutual (beyond this potential grant).

Historical onchain data shows an all-time total cost of 2.99 ETH on L1 to serve 502 covers on L2.

Since January, the cost was 2.31 ETH in L1 gas fees to serve 215 covers on L2 with a bundling factor of ~2.25 (OpenCover was able to deliver an average of ~2.25 covers on L2 per L1 cover). The average collected in premiums by the mutual per L2 cover sale was $123.46 and the growth rate in number of covers sold on L2 is growing at around 10% month-over-month (CAGR since Jan).

Grant request
We would like to ask for a total grant of 230 NXM (~4.7 ETH) to support the next 4 months’ worth of operations broken down into the following: 60 NXM (retrospective commission on cover sales) + 170 NXM (forward-looking L1 gas subsidy).

  • 60 NXM corresponds to the commission that’s been directed to the DAO treasury from our L1 cover purchases to date (capturing these directly is on our near-term engineering roadmap but have prioritized user-facing features so far)
  • 170 NXM to support 4 months’ worth of L1 gas expenses to purchase cover from the mutual.

Ceteris paribus, given the current monthly growth rate of L2 cover purchases we anticipate this will support at least 190 L1 cover purchases driving at least 425 cover purchases on L2 expected to generate ~52,000$ in premiums in the next 4 months.

It is understood this would be a one-time request to help us scale offering Nexus covers on L2 sustainably. We do not seek to recover any retrospective development or gas costs.

Next steps

We would love to hear your comments and/or suggestions about the proposal. Voting is planned to start in 7 days.

This NMDP will be open for voting from 30 April to 5 May on the Nexus Mutual Community DAO Snapshot Space.


Highly supportive - We need to help partners like OpenCover get over the cold start problem by supporting the initial lift in costs.


Voting is now live until May 5, cast your vote here:

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The proposal passed. Thanks for your support and to everyone who voted.

Back to building now!

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