Official Nexus Mutual NFTs Proposal

The Community Fund is pleased to begin it’s consideration for the community granting process for the creation of Official Nexus Mutual NFTs proposed by Gauthier

Gauthier has presented this proposal to Forum back in March and here is the original post to refer with project goals;

The original proposal has been amended in projected costs to account for artist commission, minting, gas and project management fees of $42,000 USD.

Here are the program specifications:

Each action in the mutual would be rewarded by a different NFT,


  • Becoming a member


  • Buying coverage
  • Staking / risk assessment
  • Claim assessment
  • Participating in Shield mining


  • An elite NFT that would be unlocked once a member has all previous NFTs
  • One more top-tier NFT ( can’t announce it yet)

The artworks would be in the theme of the action performed in the mutual
(e.g. staking= protecting DeFi )

The next step would be to gamify and make “achievements” like illustrated in the picture below :

The artist will need 4-5days per NFT at ~3h/day. Delivery timeframe is 30-40days. I will collaborate and help him with ideas to be sure the artworks represent Nexus Mutual. For me it was mainly looking for potential artists + contacting them. Then, navigate contracts to distribute to the right addresses.

Again, the proposal is calling for 20.000 USD (artist commission)+ 6ETH (minting/transfer costs) = 42.000 USD. Unused funds will be returned to the Community Fund.

Impact matrix

All proposals will be considered based on their potential impact on the mutual.

  1. Awareness/education Projects that seek to grow awareness of Nexus in the wider community and to help members understand how the mutual works. Examples could include writing docs, newsletters, producing videos, memes, NFTs.
  2. Distribution/sales Projects that focus on b2b partnerships or increase distribution of cover at the source of the primary purchase (ie, on DeFi apps). Examples could include building a distributor on top of Nexus, integrations with other projects, or designing new products.
  3. Technical improvements/capability Projects that seek to expand functionality of the mutual or development of new products. Examples could include contributing to open source code, designing user interfaces, building a reinsurance layer or constructing bundled yield bearing and protected products

Once a proposal has been up for discussion on here for 7 days it will be closed and we will then translate it to the snapshot for voting. After the snapshot has concluded and if it has produced a favorable outcome, we will distribute the funds.

Details about the Community Fund can be found on this page of our Docs


A few more precisions :

The amount of NFTs minted will be 295 :

Low- tier

Becoming a member (60NFTs).

This NFT would be distributed to members through a Discord airdrop, people would register an address with ~10NXM minimum to make sure they are KYC’d and not airdrop hunters

Mid - tier (bronze-silver-gold)

Claim assessment(30-15-10).
Buying coverage(30-15-10).
Shield Mining(30-15-10).

These NFTs would be given to members that reach a certain treshold for each action. For example a member that bought $10m worth of coverage or that staked in 20 Shield Mining campaings would get the gold NFT. Tresholds are still to be determined.

Top - tier

Reserved for Nexus sub-group of long-term members (5).
Reward for a member that unlocked all low+mid tier NFTs. (10)

In the future, I’d also like to make an UI like this where members can see their Nexus NFTs :

Finally, in the future it would also be possible for members to stake their Nexus NFTs for other community projects or for crypto projects that build on-top of Nexus.

The idea is really to reward power-users and active members.

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