Official Nexus NFTs

Hello dear Nexus Mutants,

I’ve been thinking about official Nexus NFTs and how to implement them.

Here is what I think could be really cool to gamify the experience, engage members and attract new ones :

Each action in the mutual would be rewarded by a different NFT,


  • Becoming a member


  • Buying coverage
  • Staking / risk assessment
  • Claim assessment
  • Participating in Shield mining


  • An elite NFT that would be unlocked once a member has all previous NFTs
  • One more top-tier NFT ( can’t announce it yet)

The artworks would be in the theme of the action performed in the mutual (e.g. staking= protecting DeFi )

The next step would be to gamify and make “achievements” like illustrated in the picture below :

Thanks to @rchen8 , Diego Rodriguez is considering doing the artworks. I had made a shortlist of artists and he was my personal favorite so I’m super happy about that. Here you can see some of his previous work :

He is asking for 1ETH / artwork so it would be 7 ETH for the 7 artworks that I mentionned. The delay would be ~ 1 month.

He will confirm to Richard later today/tomorrow. Otherwise, I will ask quotes to other artists ( or if some of you have artists that you love, feel free to post their art or reach out to them). He is pretty busy so the sooner we can confirm to him the better ( if the community likes the idea ofc).

Please guys, let me know what your thoughts are about the project. Would be nice to get the sentiment from community ASAP so we could proceed to a community vote!

UPDATE : Diego is too busy so he won’t do the artworks. I’ll start contacting other artists.


Hi @Gauthier.

Great idea, I love the concept and I hope it will bring some visibility to the Nexus community.

The reward / nft will be automagicaly send to the wallet or is this another thing to claim?
If all top tier NFT can be claim by existing members it will not serve the cause.

Like Sorare we need to mint NFT for each season/year, and why not an “OG” pre2021 NFT for early members of the mutual.

Love the idea! :slight_smile: Please reach out if you need help navigating the contracts.

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This a great idea. We can reward our members who actively participate, and they can have a badge of honor to show their involvement with Nexus.

Idea that occurred to me today: for our top-tier NFTs, we could do something a little different. I don’t know what you have planned @Gauthier, but this is the first time I’ve thought about how the Charged Particles platform could help us reward our ultra active members.

Charged Particles allows you to mint an NFT through their platform, and when you create an NFT, you can add any ERC-20 token to the NFT. They refer to DAI because you can add, say, 100 DAI and when the NFT is created, the DAI is turned into aDAI, so the NFT is imbued with interest-bearing DAI.

I think having a 100 aDAI attachment to a limited amount of NFTs would be a good way to reward the extra active members. The underlying aDAI earns interest, which incentives the NFT owner to keep the NFT, too.

Just an idea. And I understand money from the community fund would go into the cost to produce the NFTs. I would be willing to donate a few hundred DAI for a project if other members were interested in donating to created some Charged Particles NFTs for such a program.

Update :

I think I finally found the right candidate, check his previous NFT artworks :

Here is a sketch he made for the project :

I really love his work and think he’ll do an amazing job! So I will officially submit the project to a grant proposal, hope you guys like it!

No it will not be possible for anyone to claim the elite ones

The idea is interesting but in my mind the top-tier NFTs will be ultra-hard to get, reserved for active users/members. And the value of the top-tier NFTs would be way more than ~100$. But may be possible for lower-tier ones, I’ll take a deeper look at Charged Particules. Thanks for the suggestion!


This is great! Thanks for working on this, @Gauthier. Other teams within the space are looking into how they can distribute value to hyper-active members; NFTs are a great vehicle for this.

I’m excited to see how your initiative develops!

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Great job finding Eren! Love his work. Thanks for leading this @Gauthier.

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