[RFC] Tokenomics - Draft RAMM Whitepaper and Draft Technical Spec

Hi all,

This post is intended to publicise & open for comment the draft specifications for the Ratcheting AMM Tokenomics implementation following the snapshot vote to proceed in this direction & builds on the outline published in Nexus Mutual Tokenomics Proposal - Design v1.3.

The documents:

Welcome any comments from the Nexus Mutual community on those two documents. We will keep them open for comments for 1 week, following which we can incorporate any feedback & issues we may have missed into final versions.

In the meantime, we’re still debating a mechanism for the Liquidity Transition (the one outstanding design item in both documents) that smoothly equalises the pool liquidities as we approach MCR. Hope to have something available & updated in the documents in next few days.

Next stage once docs are finalised:

  • the Engineering team is moving on to building out the system outlined in the technical spec, and integrations with the rest of the system, alongside a multitude of test cases to ensure everything works as expected.
  • the R&D team, alongside the Community team, will begin the parameter discussion with the community, supported by simulation modelling.

Edit: Updated whitepaper to reflect suggestion to implement in two stages, alongside equalizing the liquidities as part of the second stage implementation.