Weekly update - Monday 9th November

Hugh was on the DeFi Download podcast. Listen here.

Listen to Hugh talking on the Conscrum Markets podcast here.

Long term bonuses discussion in the forum.
This would provide NXM bonuses to those who lock NXM for 1 year when the MCR% is below 130%. It will encourage quicker re-capitalisation and increase long term incentive alignment. This would be a material change so please provide feedback. One benefit of this proposal is that it aligns incentives with our goal of building for the long term. We mentioned in our SAFE mining report that we’re focussing on long-term alignments as this is the best way to scale the mutual and build robust systems that will stand the test of time.

We’ve been asked a lot about our thoughts on COVER protocol. To be able to protect users properly = applying the correct economic model for the problem you’re trying to solve. Read our comparison of economic models here.

You can still sign up for the first ever Crypto Credit Summit to hear Rox talk next week.

There is an ongoing discussion in the forum about demand based pricing. Have your say here.

We’d like to make another reminder to be careful with impersonators sending DMs that appear to be from the team. We never DM first or ask for money, are admins on the Telegram group and are listed in the #faq and #welcome section of the Discord.

We’ve listed the ETH 2.0 contract which is open for staking. Please note that Smart Contract Cover protects against bugs or hacks in the deposit contract code. Cover for the ETH 2.0 contract will not provide cover for intended functionality such as losing ETH as a validator. Stake now.

We’re working with a reduced team this week so we might take a little longer to respond to your questions than usual. Thank you for your patience and understanding :slight_smile:

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