Mutant Marketing Strategy & Budget Proposal


Since 14 May, @jer979 and I have met on a weekly basis to create the initial strategy for Mutant Marketing. Throughout the development of our marketing strategy, we have kept the Nexus community informed of our progress.

You can see the relevant forum posts below:

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we have shared the founding documents for Mutant Marketing:

And today, we submit the Marketing Strategy and Budget for Quarters 1 & 2.


Nexus is the Blue-Chip Cover Provider

Key Results

  1. Increase the number of annual Cover Policies Sold from 4,107 (YTD) to 9,000. [4,893 annual cover policies / 1,224 policies per quarter]

  2. Activate 10 influential DeFi thinkers/builders who are members, have influence, and provide further credibility to the protocol.

  3. Grow the number of seven figure cover buys from 350 within a six-month period (350 between Dec 21, 2020, to May 21, 2021) to an additional 440 cover buys within a six-month period, or a growth of 125% from existing levels.

Marketing Campaigns

Key Result 1 Strategy: Nexus Community Ambassador Program

Key Result 2 Strategy: The “Get Out of your Shell” Campaign

Key Result 3 Strategy: DAO Coverage Campaign

Budget and Resources Required

Our budget is broken down by quarter, and the majority of our funds will be used to establish the Nexus Community Ambassador Program, which will be leveraged to open Nexus Embassies [Quarter 1] and implement the DAO Coverage Campaign [Quarter 2]. The budget is proposed for two quarters, or a six-month period.

You can review the details of the Marketing Strategy Budget below:

Review Period

This proposal is open to review for the next seven (7) days. We welcome community discussion around the Marketing Strategy & Budget.

At the end of the seven (7) day period, this proposal will proceed to Snapshot vote.

If the Nexus Mutant community approves the Marketing Strategy & Budget, Mutant Marketing will have the funding necessary to hire the Nexus Community Ambassadors and Nexus Writers and begin the process of executing the outlined marketing campaigns.

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The budget looks great to me!


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