Proposal to Serve as Mutant Marketing Lead

Nomination of @BraveNewDeFi to serve in the role of Mutant Marketing Lead within Mutant Marketing for an initial six-month period.


Below are my responsibilities broken down by groups within Mutant Marketing and Nexus.

(wrt) Mutant Marketing

  • Work with and direct the Marketing and Communications teams within Mutant Marketing
  • Identify, hire, and train new Mutant Marketing staff
  • Collaborate with Mutant Marketing team to implement and execute the established marketing strategies approved through governance
  • Hold weekly standup meetings for Mutant Marketing team
  • Developing marketing strategies in collaboration with Hub Advisor and Mutant Marketing team members
  • Support Mutant Marketing team

Nexus Writers

  • Review, copy edit, and edit Nexus Writer contributions to the protocol-specific knowledge base
  • Create protocol-specific templates for writers to use
  • Utilize Nexus Writers Program to support other Hubs (as Mutant Marketing scales)

Nexus Community Ambassadors

  • Work with Nexus Community Ambassadors to establish Embassies and build rapport with target partner protocols
  • Reviewing reports from Nexus Community Ambassadors
  • Creating active tickets for Nexus Writers to address based on Ambassador input

(wrt) Core Team and Other Hub Leads

  • Coordinate with Core Team members and other Hub Leads to keep messaging consistent, identify new areas for growth and improvement
  • Work with @ricky to strengthen listed protocol partnerships and align Mutant Marketing’s efforts with current business development efforts

(wrt) Nexus Mutant Community

  • Update, expand the Nexus Mutual documentation
  • Write up Quarterly Reports to facilitate the Quarterly Review provision in the Hub Charter
  • Update Mutant community through monthly progress reports on the forum
  • Post preliminary and final marketing strategies, budgets, proposals on the community forum


I have been a Nexus Mutual member since December 2020, and I started getting involved in February 2021. I started contributing by sending @hugh edits to the Nexus documentation. I saw areas where information was out of date and did not match up with governance proposals that had been passed. I also thought some of the information could be simplified to make it more accessible for new or prospective members.

Soon, I was setting aside a considerable amount of time every week to work on possible edits and/or a possible restructuring of the documentation as well as answering questions in the Nexus Discord.

I took some initiative and started thinking about how the mutual could be more accessible and more open to community contributions. Below are the major contributions I’ve made on the Nexus Forum:

  1. Creating a Bug Bounty Service Run by Nexus Mutual
  2. Nexus Hub: Community-Driven Teams
  3. Nexus Hub: Proposal, Structure, Next Steps
  4. Proposal: Collaboration/Contribution to our Docs - @BraveNewDefi
  5. Proposed Marketing Strategy for Nexus Hub
  6. Updated Marketing Strategy
  7. Mutant Marketing Roadmap
  8. Establishing Mutant Marketing: Hub Charter

To date, I’ve made significant contributions to the documentation. I’ve expanded various sections, added more content, and began the reorganisation process.

I proposed the Nexus Hubs idea to get our community members more involved in the mutual’s day-to-day operations. I know we have a wealth of talent within our membership—I want the mutual to tap into that talent and empower Mutants to move Nexus Mutual into the next phase of growth.

I have worked with @jer979 for the last two months on a comprehensive marketing strategy and the foundation for Mutant Marketing. I couldn’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent answering questions on Discord and Telegram, how many times I’ve prioritised writing ELI5 tweets about the mutual over other priorities in my AFK life.

My conviction and belief in Nexus Mutual, the core team, and my fellow Mutants is unshakable.

Now, I want to serve the mutual as Mutant Marketing Lead.

Short-Term Goals

In Mutant Marketing’s first quarter, I will hire the supporting staff necessary to begin Hub operations.

The first month will be dedicated to training Mutant Marketing staff, building the protocol-specific knowledge base, and working to establish the Nexus Embassies in listed partner protocols.

My goal is to hire six (6) Nexus Community Ambassadors and four (4) Nexus Writers.

Medium-Term Goals

In Mutant Marketing’s first two quarters, I will work with the Mutant Marketing team to implement all three marketing campaigns listed in the finalised Marketing Strategy plan.

I will work with the Mutant Marketing Advisor and Nexus Community Ambassadors to identify our DAO Coverage Campaign targets.

After reviewing the Nexus Community Ambassador Program’s effect on cover sales and membership growth, I will work to identify additional listed partner protocols to expand our program into in following quarters (pending community review of a proposed marketing strategy/budget).


My position as Mutant Marketing Lead will require a full-time commitment, and I have been working for the mutual on a full-time basis for the last two months.

Given my role and responsibilities, I believe the following salary requirements are in line with the Mutant Marketing Lead position:

$6,250/month in USDC

$2,084/month in NXM

Six-Month Total

$37,500 in USDC

$12,504 in NXM

Review Period

This proposal is open to review for the next seven (7) days.

I welcome community discussion around the Mutant Marketing Lead proposal.

At the end of the seven (7) day period, this proposal will proceed to Snapshot vote.


I have been working with @BraveNewDeFi for the past 2 months and am continually impressed with his acumen and passion for the NXM cause. He’s a powerful force for the community and I wholeheartedly support his proposal.


If you haven’t noticed @BraveNewDeFi being heavily involved in all things Nexus for the past several months you haven’t been paying attention! He’s been re-writing our docs, answering questions on socials and generally being everywhere at once.

BND has also driven the hubs structure for getting wider community involvement which is now starting to build out how the DAO will run in the future.

Nexus has historically punched below our weight on marketing, and now is a great time to start changing that.

Full support from me, it’s really great to see self starters from our community make the most of what DAO’s can offer. :turtle:

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100% support. @BraveNewDeFi has been an invaluable contributor to the Nexus community.


100% support as well from myself and Collider Ventures. I’ve been reading a lot of his comments and posts and we’re fully supportive for @BraveNewDeFi to take on an official role.


You’re a great example of how one can thrive in a crypto community!
Full support :+1: Let’s take Nexus to the next level

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I just wanted to extend my thanks to all of the members who took the time to read this post, especially @jer979, @Hugh, @rchen8, @adambenayoun, and @Gauthier for their incredibly kind endorsement.

I’m looking forward to hiring Nexus Community Ambassadors and Nexus Writers to further our reach into every corner of DeFi, and beyond :turtle: :rocket:

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