[RFC]: Updated Marketing Strategy

Below are the Objectives and Key Results @Jer979 and I have been workshopping over the last several weeks. The Key Results are more fully formed, and we want to provide the community with an update ahead of the Community Call on Thursday (6/17) at 10am EST.

This is a follow-up to our previous post on the forum regarding the Proposed Marketing Strategy.

Long-term Objective: “Nexus is for Everyone”

Current Objective: “Nexus is the Blue Chip Cover Provider”

Key Result 1 Strategy: DAO Coverage Campaign (“DCC”)

Target Audience

  • DeFi DAO Treasury Protocols who work with DAOs to invest assets.

  • Small-to-mid size protocols that have assets between $5mm <> $100mm.

  • Protocols that have ETH or stablecoins as part of their treasury already.

  • Protocols that have previously discussed or announced efforts to diversify their treasury funds beyond 100% native governance tokens.

  • (Ideal) Protocol core teams with a minimum of 2-3 publicly identified members.

  • Protocol on Ethereum Mainnet and/or Polygon.

  • Minimum of $20mm TVL.

  • Optional favorable criteria: existing NXM member is also credible member of target protocol community.

Why We’re Targeting This Group

We can offer cover products to DAOs that want to deploy assets in DeFi while mitigating the risk of loss. If DAO treasuries were to deploy ~25% of assets, they could secure cover through Nexus Mutual without depleting cover availability for other members.

Possible Campaign Messaging

  • Operation Hibernation

  • Earn with the Bull, Protect for the Bear

  • [Open to community suggestions]

Primary Offer: Cover your Ass(ets) with Nexus Mutual

What’s In It for Your Protocol? Why Cover your Ass(ets) in the First Place?

Why Nexus Mutual vs. the Other Cover Providers in DeFi:

  • No one offers cover with protections as comprehensive as Nexus Mutual.

  • Everyone in DeFi offers discretionary coverage: no differentiation.

  • Nexus Mutual is the most user-friendly UX in DeFi.

  • Best Risk Management practices.

  • Most capital efficient cover provider in DeFi.

  • We are the only DeFi cover that offers cross-chain cover under one policy.

Call to Action (Potential)

  • Contact @ricky for a Community AMA to explore the value of “Covered by Nexus”

Tactics to Get Protocol Attention

  1. Nexus Community Ambassador (NCA) visits target protocol community forum(s) and “takes temperature” regarding Nexus offer (using OCT).
  2. NCA follow up with CPE.
  3. NCA requests customized video targeted to Protocol X.
  4. NCA shares pitch with specific Community Target Audience (CTA)

Supporting Assets to Create

  • Ambassador Program Manager

  • Outreach Communication Template (OCT): “Take the Temperature” [Google Form component]

  • Community Proposal Elevator Pitch (CPE): “Interested in learning more?”

  • Customizable Pitch (video)

  • List of mutual members who can act as Nexus Community Ambassadors (NCAs) and do Community Outreach to different Protocols

Key Result 2 Strategy: The “Get Out of your Shell” Campaign

Target Audience

Members who meet at least one of the below criteria:

  • Named member of DeFi team that has demonstrated success (top 300 token)

  • Guest on Laura Shin’s Unchained Podcast

  • Guest on Bankless Podcast

  • Guest on The Defiant Podcast

  • Top 1,000 DEGEN Score

Why We’re Targeting This Group

Our original goal was to onboard 10 brand name members to the mutual, but after discussing this point, we determined it’s more powerful to tap into our existing community for the Big Brain builders and thinkers who have been long-time DeFi participants.

I always say that our cover is only backed by two things: capital and trust.

In the same vein, our protocol is only as strong as our social capital and community.

Our campaign will work to identify NXM Bulls in the mutual that can help us promote our objective “Nexus is the Blue Chip Cover Provider”.

Possible Campaign Messaging

  • Get Out of Your Shell

  • Mutants for the Mutual

  • NXM Bulls on Parade

Marketing Tactics

  • Work with @Gauthier to leverage his NFT effort to identify seasoned members by encouraging “influential” members to claim NFT.

  • Possibly Execute an NFT OG/ Twitter Campaign

    • NXM Years of Service of Membership (“Member Since ……Block #)
  • NXM Swag for NFT campaign (e.g. SushiSwag promotions)

  • Targeted outreach campaign to “latent” members who meet the criteria with an offer for a NXM branded Grid+/Lattice 1 in return for a Proof of Association Attestation.

  • Xx number of one-off promo codes for free/heavily discounted branded wallet.

Resources Needed for Execution

  • NFT campaign manager

  • Someone to reach out to Grid+ and coordinate

Call to Action

  • For NFT related tactics: Influencer puts out “Proof of Association” on Twitter (or equivalent)

  • For swag related tactics: reach out to NFT Campaign Manager to take advantage of the offer and redeem NFT for swag.

Key Result 3 Strategy: “Cover Policies to the Moon”

Target Audience

  • Protocols that are listed on Nexus; and

  • Have an established Nexus Ambassador who is active in that protocol’s community.

Campaign Messaging

  • The Nexus Mutual Benefit Program

  • Investing in our partners, establishing skin in the game for both protocols.

Marketing Tactics

  • Governance Token Swap offer (GTS) to align skin in the game

  • Part 1 of Offer: Pure Swap, NXM for TOKEN

  • Part 2 of Offer: “Nexus Embassy” benefit

    • When a protocol agrees to this partnership, we offer to provide support directly in their Discord server
    • Establish embassy in partner’s Discord where Nexus Community Ambassador (NCA) can answer cover-related questions and provide support for users interested in buying cover or becoming a member (i.e. the GitCovered Nexus Channel)
  • NCA Referral Initiative

  • Provide each NCA with a personal referral link for membership in the mutual

  • Create leaderboard with points in the Nexus Discord

  • Targeted Cover Offerings based on assets in wallet when a member connects to Nexus UX

  • Provide a rating based on cover levels

    • For example:
    • No Cover = Completely Defenseless
    • 25% Covered = Turtle on its Back
    • 50% Covered = Burrowed Turtle
    • 75% Covered = In the Shell
    • 100% Covered = Mutant-Powered Protection

Execution Needs

  • For Mutual Benefit Program: someone on protocol partner’s team needs to be whitelisted

  • Utilize the Communications team to create a Nexus Wiki with Protocol-specific pages and comprehensive FAQs for NCAs to use

  • Ambassador Recruitment Program (Proof of Active Membership in another community)

Key Result 4 Strategy: Increasing Staked NXM

This Key Result is still being developed. Strategy and initiatives TBD.

Concluding Message from Marketing/Comms Co-Leads

For the last six weeks, @jer979 and I have been meeting and developing these strategies. We have amassed a comprehensive strategy, but we both recognize that we can’t execute these Key Results alone.

We are looking for members who are interested in potentially contributing to the Marketing/Communications Hub as team members or Nexus Community Ambassadors (NCAs).

Anyone interested in working with @jer979 and I can fill out this short Google Form: https://forms.gle/pjovM3JMKRoaMXCu5

We wanted to provide our fellow Mutants with an update ahead of the Community Call on Thursday, and we hope you come with questions, comments, and ideas for how we can execute these strategies and prove that Nexus is the Blue Chip Cover Provider in DeFi, CeFi, and beyond.


Great post and outline of all the marketing strategies. Here is some feedback:

  • DAO Coverage Campaign:
    Makes sense, but I have a feeling that we will receive little love from community members in Discord and we will probably have more success directing our requests directly at the treasury DAOs with explicit ways how we can help them. I would start with less smaller protocols first and then work our way upwards to bigger protocols as we gain more experience.
  • Get out of your shell campaign:
    I would recommend to create limited physical swag for these participants. Ribbon had something recently with their hats and that has become a meme now. Maybe we can have shell formed backpacks? :grin: Physical goods create more opportunities to show of exclusivity than NFTs. Ask the participants to upload pictures of it…we have to make sure it looks cool though.
  • Cover policies to the moon:
    I think the biggest angle here is to create a separate support channel in the discord channels of other protocols to give coverage support and answer questions. That is a great idea. The community fund would help pay for these people.

And on a more general note: There are too many acronyms! I would generally recommend against them, as they create barriers to participation. See also this: https://gist.github.com/klaaspieter/12cd68f54bb71a3940eae5cdd4ea1764


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